Simulations Plus Partners with Clinical-Stage Biotech Company to Develop Novel Dosing Models

Software: GastroPlus®
Division: Simulations Plus

Simulations Plus, Inc. (Nasdaq: SLP), the leading provider of modeling and simulation solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemicals, and consumer goods industries, today announced that it has entered into a new funded collaboration with a clinical-stage biotechnology company to develop an intra-articular (IA) delivery model in the GastroPlus® Additional Dosage Routes Module.

“We are very pleased to announce this collaboration, which will enhance the GastroPlus physiologically based biopharmaceutics (PBBM)/physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model for drug dosing into joints through IA injection products,” said Viera Lukacova, director of Simulation Sciences for Simulations Plus. “Leveraging the data and scientific expertise of our partner, we intend to incorporate a mechanistic model for different species and population groups that will allow for efficient evaluation of IA injection strategies. This will provide a framework to support similar approaches for other drugs.”

John DiBella, Lancaster division president for Simulations Plus, added: “These agreements help to extend the industry leading capabilities of our software tools, while at the same time increasing the investment that Simulations Plus contributes toward new research initiatives. Also, similar to other collaborations which funded development of the numerous dosing models in the GastroPlus Additional Dosage Routes Module, Simulations Plus maintains the right to license the new functionality to all clients, creating additional revenue streams. We look forward to continued interactions with our partners to drive advances to the GastroPlus platform and share the outcomes with the global scientific community.”