Statement from Cognigen’s President, Jill Fiedler-Kelly

Software: KIWI™
Division: Cognigen

At Cognigen, we appreciate more than ever, the global community in which we live and work and the impact each of us can and does have by our choices. Our team is dealing with the shared plethora of challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic facing everyone these days: keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe, continuing to do great work to support our many clients, and attempting to maintain some balance and normalcy in our personal lives.

In light of the current travel restrictions and work-from-home situation in which most of us find ourselves, the use and availability of web-based tools such as KIWI™, which enhance the productivity of modelers and scientists working independently while providing transparency and accountability to the teams in which we are embedded, cannot be overstated. Cognigen’s globally dispersed team of pharmacometricians, clinical pharmacologists, programmers, and modelers continue to execute our model-based workflow, as we serve our clients around the world using strategic modeling and simulation approaches to optimize treatment options and improve patients’ lives.

As part of the Simulations Plus family of companies, we have a new European sister company in Lixoft and we’re proud and excited to welcome them to our team and learn more about their amazing products. We will be working closely with our friends from Lixoft to develop value-added solutions and further improve the efficiency and adaptability of our workflow using their tools.

Until such time when we can meet again in person, whether it be at a conference or a meeting in your conference room or ours, we hope you stay safe and well and that you reach out and let us know how we may help you and your team.

All the best, Jill