Integrating Modeling & Simulation software, like GastroPlus® into your University courses

Division: PBPK

How to use GastroPlus in an educational setting in 5 easy steps!

1. Reach Out

We are always interested in speaking with professors & students on ways in which we can support academic research and coursework.  With the standardization use of our software comes wider acceptance. Apply here for special licensing programs.

2. Host a Course/Workshop

Our GastroPlus experts provide on-demand tutorials, quality learning resources and if you’d like to schedule an online presentation for your students or AAPS student chapter, let us know! Contact Us.

3. Practice & Use

Customize for your course needs, for example, the University of Southen California assigned a group project where the goal was to use a structure-based design and biopharmaceutics predictions to develop or improve a drug with both ADMET Predictor® and GastroPlus®. Many of our academic collaborators have structured courses on specific modules within our software platforms.

4. Renew & Upgrade

We offer a generous discount for academic and non-profit use of our software. Software installation support and free upgrades during the license term are available at no additional cost.

5. Prepare for Industry

Your students will leave your class with competent knowledge of our industry-leading software and will be able to add those modeling and simulation skills to their resumes. We also hire post-docs, check out our Careers page.


Don’t just take our word for it, find out how USC used GastroPlus in their program.