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The MembranePlus™ ADMET Predictor® Module

The ADMET Predictor Module extends the capability of MembranePlus by enabling you to obtain chemical structure-based predictions of all physicochemical, and key CYP metabolism kinetic, parameters required for MembranePlus simulations of in vitro hepatocyte or permeability assays. The module uses the same models as our best-in-class QSAR software.

The ADMET Predictor Module has two critical benefits:

  • by loading a library of chemical structures, you can quickly set up a database for screening permeability and/or hepatocyte diffusional clearance – decide which compounds to carry forward into the in vitro studies, classifying them from high to low.
  • easily create the project database by integrating measured data into the structure file to run simulations for in vitro hepatocyte or permeability assays.

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