DILIsym® Workshop: 2-Hour Crash Course
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  • 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT
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DILIsym® Workshop: 2-Hour Crash Course – FREE

Who should attend?

This is a 2-hour quick-start, crash DILIsym software course for clinicians, pharmaceutical/biotechnology scientists, and engineers in the areas of toxicology, clinical pharmacology, pharmacovigilance, DMPK and ADME. Prior experience with DILIsym, the liver injury prediction software tool, is not required. The crash course will use DILIsym version 10 (X), the newest and most advanced release of DILIsym. The purpose of this course is to provide new (or prospective new) users of DILIsym with the perspective, resources, and learning path needed to become expert users. Class size is limited to encourage interaction with the course instructors and among attendees. Virtual networking among industry, government, and academic scientists is part of the experience!

What will you learn?

 You will understand the following important aspects of liver safety investigation:

  • introduction to concepts accepted by regulators related to drug-induced liver injury (DILI) monitoring and detection
  • primary mechanisms, (e.g., mitochondrial dysfunction, ROS, bile acids, and lipotox) often involved in DILI events
  • in vitro assay design and execution for DILI-related mechanisms
  • pharmacokinetics, including prediction of liver concentrations using GastroPlus® and how this impacts DILI predictions (note that a separate GastroPlus workshop is recommended for detailed PBPK training)

You will gain basic experience with:

  • translating in vitro data into DILIsym parameter values, including the use of automated optimization
  • simulating expected DILI outcomes for humans, rats, mice, and dogs
  • utilizing simulated populations (SimPops®) to predict infrequent events in a diverse patient population

You will benefit from a live demo

  • A live hands-on demonstration will be provided
  • A DILIsym quick-start guide, pointing you to all the relevant references and sources needed to grow into an expert user, as well as providing key tips and tricks

Instructors: Brett Howell, Kyunghee Yang, James Beaudoin, Christina Battista

This workshop is FREE.  Seats are limited. 
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* This course will be recorded and available on-demand in the future.