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The countdown to MIDD+ 2022 continues!
Watch the video to hear Neil Miller discuss the importance of preclinical verification of a PBPK model in a First in Human PBPK prediction presented last year.
Sign up for Neil’s FIH workshop after the MIDD+ conference.


Simulations Plus

  • Upcoming GastroPlus Workshops
  • University+ Academic Webinar Series
    • PBPK Model in Special Populations with Rodrigo Cristofoletti from the University of Florida, Wednesday, February 23rd
    • GastroPlus Academic Webinar Series with Gabriel Lima Barros de Araujo from the University of Sao Paulo, Wednesday, March 16th
  • MembranePlus v3 is coming soon! Here are 3 exciting enhancements:
    • New models of in vitro penetration (IVPT) and release (IVRT) tests for transdermal formulations for novel analysis of absorption and dissolution kinetics
    • Expanded membrane transport model parameters for improved predictions of permeability coefficients for both small and peptide molecules
    • Improved data handling and simulation performance

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New York


Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Merck and the Cognigen division of Simulations Plus initiated a collaboration to support the accelerated development of molnupiravir, a ribonucleoside analog with broad-spectrum activity against many RNA viruses. Molnupiravir is co-developed by Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics and received emergency use authorizations in several countries including the US and the UK in late 2021. Register for MIDD+ to hear live from Merck & Cognigen scientists about how modeling activities contributed to the development of molnupiravir, and supported faster access to the patients affected by COVID-19:

  • Use of exposure-response & immune-viral dynamics modeling to inform phase 3 evaluation of molnupiravir drug effect for COVID-19
  • Population Pharmacokinetics for Molnupiravir in Adults with COVID-19


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North Carolina

DILIsym Services

SOT & ToxExpo Annual Meeting
Mar. 27-31, San Diego, CA

Spend March Madness with us at an informative Lunch & Learn+ event,
Winning Safety & Exposure Modeling Solutions with Brett Howell + John DiBella.

Scientific presentations include:

  • Modeling of Indinavir-Induced Crystal Nephropathy in RENAsym presented by Pallavi Bhargava.
  • Modeling of Cyclosporine A-Induced Acute Kidney Injury with RENAsym presented by Jeff Woodhead.
  • QST Modeling of Cimaglermin Alfa (GGF2) Hepatotoxicity Shows the Potential of BIOLOGXsym to Predict Biologics-Induced Liver Injury (BILI) presented Brett Howell.
  • Mechanistic Modeling of Biologics-Induced Liver Injury (BILI) Predicts Hepatotoxicity of Tocilizumab through Both On- and Off-Target Effects presented by Lara Clemens.
  • Evaluating the Nephrotoxicity of Cisplatin in Rats with RENAsym, a Mechanistic Model of Drug-Induced Acute Kidney Injury presented by Nader Hamzavi.
  • Simulating MDR3 Inhibition-Mediated Cholestatic Liver Injury Using DILIsym X, a QST Modeling Platform presented by James J. Beaudoin.

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