Simulations Plus Releases ADMET Predictor™ Version 8.0

Software: ADMET Predictor®
Division: Simulations Plus

Simulations Plus, Inc. (NASDAQ: SLP), the premier provider of simulation and modeling software and consulting services for pharmaceutical discovery and development, today announced that it has released Version 8.0 of its best-in-class ADMET Predictor™ molecular property prediction software.

Dr. David Miller, project leader for the ADMET Predictor redesign at Simulations Plus, said: “We are excited about this new version of ADMET Predictor, which is much more than a typical upgrade. It is a complete refactoring of the code with a new look and feel, a series of new capabilities, and tighter integration with several other Simulations Plus software products. As a result of the major refactoring of the code, it has undergone the most thorough testing in our history, and is now ready for prime time. A small sample of the many enhancements includes:

  • Automatic ‘star plots’ depicting various key molecule properties at a glance
  • Expanded and more interactive graphics
  • Several features from MedChem Studio™ are now included for enhanced data mining and insight
  • Improved optional ADMET Modeler™ Module with a new, intuitive model-building workflow
  • Tight integration with our MedChem Studio, MedChem Designer™, GastroPlus™, DDDPlus™, and MembranePlus™ software products
  • More flexible licensing to enable our users to better customize installations to fit their needs.”

John DiBella, vice president for marketing and sales for Simulations Plus, added: “ADMET Predictor has been the premiere molecular property prediction software in the pharmaceutical industry, with accuracy exceeding competitors for many years. However, we had consistently received feedback from clients and prospects about the outdated interface features. Version 8.0 changes that with an improved user experience, and that, coupled with tighter integration with MedChem Studio, should lead to increased adoption of the program by medicinal chemists, which is a target market within the pharmaceutical space that we haven’t penetrated yet.”

Walt Woltosz, chairman and chief executive officer of Simulations Plus, said, “This new version of ADMET Predictor is the result of many months of intense work by our cheminformatics and computational technologies teams. As Dr. Miller noted, the testing of this version has been extensive, necessitated by the major refactoring of the code into an all-C++ platform from the former combination of C++ with a Visual Basic user interface. Now our best-in-class predictive software is not only the most accurate property prediction software available; it is also the most productive, with features that bring information to the surface in an attractive, insightful, and intuitive way.”