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What is PDPlus™?

Automated model selection – fit across all direct and indirect models with a single mouse click to easily find relationships between the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of your compound and build PBPK/PD or PK/PD models!

PDPlus allows you to fit standard pharmacodynamic (PD) models to observed data and to then use the fitted models to predict PD effect changes due to changes in dose, dosage form, and dosing regimens. The PDPlus module adds the Pharmacodynamics Table, which contains the PD model, the site of PD action, and the parameters that determine the kinetics of the action. Multiple PD models (therapeutic and adverse) can be accommodated for each drug record.

Easily perform PK/PD modeling across multiple data sets (e.g, doses).

With PDPlus, fitting pharmacodynamic models to observed effect data is quick and easy. You may fit any of the standard PD models:

  • Direct Link: Linear, Log Linear, Emax and Sigmoid Emax
  • Indirect Link: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Phase-nonspecific cell killing

Convenient plotting of both plasma concentration-time and effect vs. time or concentration is provided with absolute and log plots available for each.

The effect can be linked directly to drug concentration in a specific tissue to easily perform PBPK/PD modeling.

All model results can be saved into report-quality outputs.