December 2020 News/Events

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Celebrating the 100th Feature of the Week:

LIXOFT trend lines

Congratulations to the Lixoft application team on the 100th Feature of the Week!
This video shares advanced data visualization on
PkanalixMonolix, and Simulx.

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The More the Merrier: 3 GastroPlus Tutorials

gastroplus tutorial

Stream the latest tutorials in our Resource Center & YouTube with Maxime LeMerdy

Video 3 Get a quick introduction of enzymes & transporters in the gut using the ACAT™ model.
Video 4 Learn about the pKa tab and model fitting + solubility in less than 10 minutes!
Video 5 An easy to understand explanation of our algorithm to generate a new population simulation.


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The global pandemic has highlighted, in a demonstrative way, the ‘need for speed and safety’ in model-informed drug development (MIDD).

We continue to welcome collaborations with academics, CROs, and regulatory agencies to advance the science of drug development, reduce the time and cost of research, and improve patient wellness.

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