February 2023 GastroPlus Newsletter

Authors: O’Connor D
Software: GastroPlus®
Division: Simulations Plus

Exciting news from the world of GastroPlus®!

February brings an in-depth and immersive educational training opportunity!

MIDD+ 2023  our virtual scientific conference STARTS TOMORROW – more than 1,000 registrations and counting! This is a conference you don’t want to miss! Learn from and connect with 300+ industry leaders and regulators from the U.S. FDA, Roche, Lonza, U.S. EPA, Gilead, Unilever, Pierre Fabre, and more! Click here to view the full agenda. See below for additional information.

The first of many face-to-face training opportunities kick-off in San Diego this March.

San Diego Bundle + Save Packages! Get the most out of your hands-on training and bundle these workshops to save! Take advantage of our in-person San Diego, CA workshops by combining our introductory course with either of the advanced courses to save 25%.

  • Introductory and Advanced DMPK & Clinical Pharmacology Workshop Bundle
  • Introductory and Advanced Pharmaceutical Development Workshop Bundle

Our expansive virtual workshop schedule is also in full swing.

Complimentary Introduction to GastroPlus®

Paid Virtual Learning Workshops

  • Transdermal Administration (TCAT™) in GastroPlus
  • Injectables (IM, SQ, IA) in GastroPlus Including Biologics and LAIs
  • Ocular Administration (OCAT™) in GastroPlus
  • Oral Cavity Administration (OCCAT™) in GastroPlus
  • Pulmonary Administration (PCAT™) in GastroPlus

We continue to expand our team and hire amazing new talent including:

Reach out if you need to check out a new module for your GastroPlus platform (I’ll give you a trial license to review), or are interested in achieving your company’s goals faster using expert-built models in our Plug n’ Play PBBM packages. I’m always happy to help you and your team in any way.

By Dan O’Connor