Anant Ketkar

Anant Ketkar

Prin. Scientist and Sci. Lead 
Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetics (PBPK) Solutions

Anant Ketkar, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist and Scientific Lead, India
Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetics (PBPK) Solutions

About Anant
Anant Ketkar joined the Simulation Studies Team in April 2022 as a Principal Scientist taking on the role of Scientific Lead – India. He is involved in the application of PBPK/PBBM modeling and simulation to meet the objectives of various client projects.  He also provides scientific input both in terms of software applications and project proposals to the Indian distributor to support their marketing and sales efforts.

Anant, in partnership with our Indian distributor, Electrolab, supports Simulations Plus’ many customers in India and serves as a thought leader to increase awareness and adoption of PBBM/PBPK modeling throughout the country. He also delivers modeling and simulation projects to address client objectives and inform regulatory interactions.

Anant earned his doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Poona College of Pharmacy (Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University), Pune, India. He carries 20 years of experience in formulation research, including 6+ years of experience in PBPK/PBBM modeling and biorelevant dissolution method development for modified complex generics and enabled formulations for poorly soluble NCEs.

Prior to joining Simulations Plus, Anant was Head of Technical Services at IQGEN-X Pharma, where he led a team of formulation team leaders and scientists for development of solid and liquid orals, and injectables for the global market. Prior to that he worked in positions of increasing seniority with pharmaceutical research companies, including Bioved Pharmaceuticals Inc., Ranbaxy (now Sun Pharma), Pfizer Animal Health (now Zoetis), Sandoz and Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company (SPARC).

Besides his professional work, Anant enjoys singing Bollywood songs and participates in live musical events and concerts in Mumbai and nearby areas. He is also passionate about learning portrait and street photography.

Anant’s Patent Applications include: 

Modified-release formulations of azabicyclo derivatives

Extended release matrix formulations of morphine

Oral matrix formulations of doxazosin

Latest Research by Anant Ketkar